Ethereum Developers Forge On Despite ETH Price Slump FUD

When a crypto asset fails to perform in terms of price it rapidly gets a big dose of chagrin from mainstream media and those that have lost money trading it. Ethereum is currently the prime example as investors begin to sour despite ongoing developments to the technology.

Ethereum Roadmap Still Solid

A major part of the crypto angst directed at Ethereum stems from the delays in solving the scalability issues that have plagued the project as its user base has grown. In its current state the network is ill equipped to handle the load it is expected to in order to fulfill its destiny as a ‘global computer’.

Granted, there have been setbacks to Ethereum’s mammoth scaling project which is expected to get off the ground within the next couple of months and continue rolling out into 2020. Compared to its rivals, EOS which has been plagued with centralization concerns, and Cardano which has failed to materialize at all, ETH is still fundamentally strong.

Community leader and Ethhub developer Anthony Sassano is still bullish. A recent tweet serves as a reminder of the work still being carried out under the hood and the expected roll-out dates for Ethereum 2.0.

Ethereum 2.0's current status:

Phase 0/Beacon Chain: Spec frozen, short-lived testnets live, expected launch 2020
Ethereum Developers Forge On Despite ETH Price Slump FUD
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